Magnetic Levitating Planter with Wood Grain Base


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Are you looking for a statement piece to enhance your decor? Look no further than our Floating/Levitating Plant Pot. The base has a special magnet that propels and suspends the plant pot mid-air making it float above the base as it spins continuously. You can also use other items instead of a plant, such as candles, potpourri, essential oils, and other decorative items. The Floating/Levitating Plant Pot also makes for an impressive gift for someone special in your life. Make house guests gasp in amazement with this futuristic innovation.
Our Floating/Levitating Plant Pot is the latest in high-tech gadgets for your home. Featuring a stylish wooden base, it emanates a strong magnetic field which enables the plant pot to levitate and spin in place. Now your plants can get 360° light while you bask in its futuristic ambiance.

Levitating Floating Plant Pot

Magnetic field
A strong magnetic field suspends the pot in mid-air and makes it spin. All your guests will be in awe of this latest leap in homeware design.
Reduce stress/anxiety
Create a futuristic ambiance that inspires the imagination to reduce anxiety and stress. You can put whatever you like in the pot, not just plants.
Two designs
Choose from 2 base designs to suit your existing decor. Pick the design that best fits your needs. This product is also great as a gift!
Magnetic force suspends the white geometrically-designed pot mid-air;
Made from quality materials to further elevate your decor;
A wow factor that is exclusive to this product;
Improves the quality of your environment to reduce stress and anxiety;
Comes in 2 designs.
Material: ABS
Base size: 134mm x 134mm x 28mm
Pot size: 90mm x 50mm (plant not included)
Floating weight capacity: 0-300g / 0 €“ 10.6 ounces
Power source: AC Adapter DC Output 12V
Levitation gap: 15-20mm

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Magnetic Levitating Planter with Wood Grain Base

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