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    The perfect tool to test the soil conditions ( Moisture/Light/PH) of fruits, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, etc. An ideal and necessary tool for gardeners, vegetable and fruit growers, and all those who plant trees and grass. With high accuracy and easy operation, you can take good care of your plants. Take the […]

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    Make watering your plants a breeze with these colorful glass plant mister spray bottles! Perfect for tropical plants that need routine misting, these chic spray bottles come in a plethora of beautiful colors. This glass watering spray bottle has a convenient ring-finger holder, it’s more comfortable to spray plants this […]

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    Suitable for sowing and plant watering. Surface polishing: hand-polished gold-plated surface treatment, not easy to fade, to prevent daily scratches and corrosion. Clean, durable, elegant, practical, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. Used for potted plants, indoor plants, patio plants, hanging plants and outdoor gardens. Perfect size, improve the humidity of plants […]

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    Specifications: Capacity: 1800ml Weight: 200g Color: Grey/Pink or Blue/White Material: ABS+PP Size: Pot: 13.5×17.2cm, Nozzle: 21cm Package Contents: 1x Watering Can  

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    Creative and concise design, make it an interesting decoration. Noiseless and make mist for whole night, provide continuous moisture, and relax your mood. Convenient and easy to use, space-saving and portable, can be used anywhere and any anytime. A meaningful gift to family, friends, colleagues, or business partners. Please Fully […]

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    These plant stalk support clips are ideal for keeping small plants stable, encouraging vines to grow into certain shapes, and holding heavy branches in place. It can reduce labor intensity and increase efficiency. Easy to harvest, low cost. Mainly used for solanaceous vegetable and melon vine hanging fixed and high […]

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    Smart App Version: App: Flower Care Waterproof design around battery compartment IP5 Waterproof grade: anti spray type waterproof, any direction directly by the water jet, no harmful effects Nutrient testing, soil moisture detection, temperature detection, light detection Precise detection of light and temperature water and fertilizer Cloud Plant Database Phone […]

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    It can be used immediately with water, convenient and practical. Suitable for cleaning stains on kitchen cookers and range hoods. Specifications: Material: stainless steel Capacity: 1500ml Size: as shown in photo Package content: 1x Watering Can