Self-Watering Planter with Iron Plant Stand

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Made of high-strength polypropylene, this self-watering, worry-free planter is perfect for particular, finicky plants or even for keeping plants watered while you’re away from home. While it looks just like any other elevated planter on an iron stand, hidden inside is a genius way to keep your plant happy and healthy, automatically!
The planter hides an inner basket with a cotton rope that automatically absorbs water from the lower basin as your plant needs it, keeping your plant hydrated for a long time self-sufficiently, avoiding water shortage and wilting or death. The best part? Your plant won’t get overwatered either! Water is only absorbed as your plant needs it.
The planter can be raised on the included iron plant stand. The stand can even be inverted to achieve two heights! Keeping your planter elevated leaves plenty of floor space and makes your room feel so much bigger and more luxurious.


Material: Polypropelene planter, iron stand, cotton rope
Color: White and black
Size: There are 11cm, 13cm, and 16.5cm diameter sizes for you to choose.
Outer diameter: About 11cm, 13cm, 16.5cm
Height: About 11.4cm, 14cm, 16.4cm
Inner diameter: About 7.7cm, 9.8cm, 13.5cm
Inner bracket height: About 7.2cm, 9cm, 10.5cm
Package includes:
1x Planter
1x Iron stand

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11 CM, 13 CM, 17 CM

Self-Watering Planter with Iron Plant Stand

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