Smart Plant Water Meter and Health Sensor

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Smart App Version:
App: Flower Care
Waterproof design around battery compartment
IP5 Waterproof grade: anti spray type waterproof, any direction directly by the water jet, no harmful effects
Nutrient testing, soil moisture detection, temperature detection, light detection
Precise detection of light and temperature water and fertilizer
Cloud Plant Database
Phone Bluetooth connection
Indicator Light Version:
The indicator light tells you exactly what your plant needs:
Blue – Low moisture, need to replenish water
Yellow – Low fertility requires nutrients or nutrient soil
Pink – High nutrition
Red – Battery low
Green – Everything is normal
App: No app
Battery: CR2032 button battery (included)
Easy and convenient to use and operate
Provide a healthy growing environment for all plants
Easily check on the condition of your plants

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Indicator Light, Smart APP


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Smart Plant Water Meter and Health Sensor

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