Waterproof Eco-Friendly Paper Planter Bag

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The environmentally friendly paper material retains the original and natural appearance of the material, which can be washed on its own, and the longer it is used, the more retro it feels.
Can be used for desktop pot storage, can also be hung on the edge to hang the pot without occupying the land. Can stand up without putting things, or put other things like snacks, sundries. DuPont paper is a non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive material
The product combines the advantages of paper, film, and fiber into one body. It is tough and durable with strong tear resistance Add another layer of the waterproof bag inside to prevent water seepage
Color: Gray/Brown
Material: Kraft paper with waterproof inside
S:10 x 10 cm
M: 13 x 13 cm
L: 16 x 16 cm
Use: Flowerpot Organizer or Home Organizer Bag
Package Includes:
1x Flowerpot Holder

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Waterproof Eco-Friendly Paper Planter Bag

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